Frequently Asked Questions About Haocrown Bathroom TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing a bathroom TV has become more common in the past few years. Instead of a luxury, homeowners are finding a bathroom TV allows them to save time in the morning and catch up on the news of the day as they prepare for work, or enjoy a relaxing soak and watch a movie at the end of a long day. We all spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom every day so installing a TV can be practical. The most important consideration is purchasing the right set for your needs.


Q1 - Can I save on the cost of a bathroom TV by doing it myself?


A1 - We’d advise against fitting a bathroom TV by yourself. Working with electrics is always dangerous, but it’s even more so when you’re working near water. It will be much safer to use somebody who is fully qualified for the job and has plenty of prior experience.



Q2 - How do I and is it easy to install a bathroom TV?


A 2- All of our TVs are supplied with everything needed to install, either on-the-wall or in-the-wall, including: power lead, fixtures & fittings, brackets and detailed installation instructions. We strongly recommend that a qualified fitter installs your TV.



Q3 - Can you install the bathroom TVs at the end of your bath or within a shower area?


A3 - All our bathroom TVs conform to IP66 standard, so they’re practical and safe to use in bathroom . In other words, just keep them out of the bath itself! So yes they can be installed at the end of the bath, of which is the most popular installation location.



Q4- Will the steam from the bathroom cause the screen to mist?


A4 - No, all are TVs have state of the art heated screens, preventing any condensation



Q5 - What voltage is required to power the TV?


A5 -To ensure that our waterproof TVs are safe for use in a wet environment, they come with a transformer which reduces the power supply from 240V to 12V-24V (depending on the TV size).



Q6 - Is the Bathroom TV remote control fully waterproof?


A 6-The remote controls we supply are IP68 waterproof rated, meaning that they can be subject to “The highest level of dust and water resistance standards.Completely prevent dust and water from entering”.



Q7 - Can I connect other external speakers?


A7-Our TVs allow you to use either the external speakers supplied or use the audio-out facility to connect with other external speakers of your choice.



Q8 -Can the TVs be wall-mounted as well as flush-mounted?


A8 -Yes – the Haocrown Bathroom TV’s can be installed ‘on-wall’ or ‘in-wall’.